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The Empress Collection

Each of the 4 scents are directly inspired by a particular artwork in my collection, which sees iconic women turned into extraordinarily jewelled, cultural hybrids.


So much work went into these as I wanted them to be truly luxurious home accessories – conveying the idea that you can indulge in something as small as a scented candle but the impact it can have your living space is huge. I wanted to create a collection of candles that offered so much more than other brands, so here is how they do that:

♥ The dazzling, champagne-gold metallic finish on the glass is created using a unique process, meaning no two vessels are ever the same. So in essentially they are works of art in themselves, and look visually stunning when lit as the flame delicately flickers through the pattern in the glass.

♥ Each candle contains the maximum percentage of fragrance possible in order to ensure an optimum scent throw without compromising the burn quality. They contain double the average percentage of fragrance, placing them among the most perfumed candles in the world.

After seemingly endless fragrance options and blends, I deliberately picked fragrances that had naturally strong notes in them – to really convey an idea of opulence. This also means they are capable of scenting large rooms effortlessly, giving off a wonderfully intoxicating aroma.

♥ A genuine ‘Tara Sofia’ candle is easily identified by its beautifully embossed nameplate. Made from 100% copper, the nameplate is intricately embossed with the signature logo, and individually hand-applied.

The candles are available to purchase at Let me know what you think!

Be sure to follow us on twitter and instagram (@tara_sofia), where we are having a giveaway each week for a month to celebrate the launch. It’s an opportunity to win one of each of the 4 amazing scents, so make sure you enter :-)

Please don't forget to subscribe - will be featuring fragrance profiles on each of the 4 amazing scents in the next few blogs.

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