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Tara Sofia Scented Candles


Meticulousy hand-poured in the UK, they contain the highest percentage of fragrance possible, placing them among the most perfumed candles in the world.


The vessels in themselves are works of art as the dazzling champagne gold finish is completely unique on every candle, while the hand-applied 100% copper nameplate is intricately embossed with the artist’s signature logo.


"Fragrances are like dreams... triggering memories and nostalgia, as well as enveloping us with wonderful feelings of magical fantasy."


Each exquisitely blended fragrance has been directly inspired by Tara's artwork of the same name which sees typically Western icons transformed into bejewelled Eastern-inspired empresses. The majestic personalities of these women is reflected in the unusal blends of perfume featured in the candle collection.


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