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Somerset House scented for Quintessentially Atelier

I was selected to showcase 'The Empress Collection' of perfumed candles as part of the Quintessentially Weddings Atelier Show at Somerset House.

QWA Display.jpg

The strictly invitation-only showcase is considered the ultimate luxury wedding planning event, featuring some of the world’s most prestigious designers and talented artisans.

I was truly honoured to be exhibiting alongside brands including Chanel, Jimmy Choo, La Perla, Matthew Williamson and Laduree! Tara Sofia is increasingly gaining recognition amongst a very high end clientele who demand the utmost in quality and style, which is so wonderful to see.

Brides-to-be were hugely inspired by the idea of scenting their wedding with opulent fragrances, noting that Tara Sofia is presenting something completely new to the luxe-wedding market. Creating a 'fragrance memory' and associating a scent with your wedding day means you can recreate the atmosphere afterwards anytime you like by simply lighting a candle!

QWA Diffuser.jpg

DIFFUSERS were created especially for the show in order to showcase the fragrances without the need for naked flames within the historic building. These received such an overwhelming response that I am working on adding them to the collection permanently. Watch this space!

#events #diffusers #candles

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